GDG Cloud Melbourne

DevFest 2019

23 November 2019

REA, 511 Church St, Richmond, Melbourne


We're passionate about cloud computing...

GDG Cloud Melbourne DevFest is an event for the Google Cloud community. It's a chance for Google Cloud enthusiasts to share, learn and generally geek out! We'll be covering a diverse range of topics including IoT, ML, Serverless, Kubernetes and Culture.

DATE 23 November 2019

LOCATION REA, 511 Church St, Richmond, Melbourne


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Get ready for a full day of GCP talks and labs from a range of
Google and industry speakers.

Ankur Kotwal

Ankur is a developer advocate on the Google Cloud developer relations team, where he champions the developer experience on the Google Cloud Platform. Previously, Ankur lead the Google Maps developer relations team where he also helped launch the Google Maps APIs gaming offering. Ankur is also the product manager and a software engineer for Google Santa Tracker on Android, an annual tradition focusing on bringing holiday joy through fun and games.

Ankur Kotwal

Ankur Kotwal Developer Advocate

Emma Haruka Iwao

Emma is a developer advocate for Google Cloud Platform, focusing on application developers experience and high performance computing. She has been a C++ developer for 15 years and worked on embedded systems and the Chromium Project. Emma is passionate about learning and explaining the most fundamental technologies such as operating systems, distributed systems, and internet protocols. Besides software engineering, she likes games, traveling, and eating delicious food.

Emma Haruka Iwao

Emma Haruka Iwao Developer Advocate


Kevin Collas-Arundell

Kevin is a YAML engineer who occasionally writes Go. He's been in opsy roles for almost a decade and has many derps to show for it. A firm believer in giving control, ownership and responsibility to the devs that build the things. He has opinions about being on call, vendoring, ops and how wifi sucks. Currently works at Me Bank. Previously helped make smart light bulbs at lifx.


Kevin Collas-Arundell Solution Engineer

Rad Kanapathipillai

Rad is a senior DevSecOps engineer and consultant skilled in Managed Services, DevOps Culture, Security and Agile Delivery. He will be speaking about secrets management on GCP using Hashicorp Vault


Rad Kanapathipillai DevSecOps Engineer


Vaughn Muirhead

Vaughn is a mild mannered Cloud Architect by day but on evenings and weekends he becomes a mild mannered developer and inventor, building cool things and learning about emerging technologies along the way.


Vaughn Muirhead GCP Practice Lead at intelia

Harmeet Sokhi

Harmeet is a Senior Consultant-Data Engineer at ThoughtWorks and her experience spans across various technologies. She is really passionate about data engineering and has worked on designing various big data solutions, including setting up batch and streaming data pipelines and productionizing machine learning models. She will be speaking about architecting and building feature stores for machine learning models.


Harmeet Sokhi Data Engineer


Jemma Stones

Jemma is an accomplished engineer and leader within the data & analytics consulting space, having worked with a wide variety of technologies and projects. She will be talking about the concepts and architectural decisions around migrating from a traditional data warehouse to BigQuery.


Jemma Stones Director, Analytics & Cognitive

Binura Gunasekara

Binura is a Software Engineer who's passionate about all things cloud, code, and coffee. He has fallen in love with Kubernetes over the years and is currently designing and developing cloud-native and distributed systems at Platformer.


Binura Gunasekara Senior Software Engineer

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Get ready for a full day of GCP talks

  • Schedule - 23 November 2019
    8:30 am - 9:30 am Registration and Breakfast

    The venue will be open from 8:30 onwards, with hearty breakfast platters
    and barista made coffee provided to get you fueled up for a big day :)

    9:30 am - 9:40 am Intro

    We'll officially kick off

    9:40 am - 10:10 am Opening Keynote

    Ankur Kotwal, APAC Lead of Cloud
    Developer & DevOps Advocacy at Google

    Ankur will lead us in with an inspirational keynote talk on how the
    Cloud Native Ecosystem has been built over the last 20 years, what part Google
    has played and how open source has been key in shaping it all.

    Speaker : Ankur Kotwal
    10:10 am - 10:30 am Session 1 - Automate your policies and prevent derps!

    Kevin Collas-Arundell, Solution Engineer at ME Bank

    In my time running Kubernetes, I've pushed duplicate ingresses, wrongly matching service labels,
    exposed ingresses under the wrong domain, and more. As clusters grow in the number of users
    we need ways of codifying our production policies, ensure our compliance with various internal rules
    and help users of your cluster with quick responses. In this talk I'll walk you through some basic policy
    implementations with the Open Policy Agent and how we can use them to save you from making my mistakes

    Speaker : Kevin Collas-Arundell
    10:40 am - 11:20 am Session 2 - How We Broke the World Record for Computing
    Digits of Pi (31.4 trillion!)

    Emma Haruka Iwao, Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform

    We have calculated 31.4 trillion digits of Pi in 2019 and broke the world record in the Pi computation.
    The process took about four months and 200 TiB of storage. Record-breaking Pi calculations have traditionally
    been done on supercomputers and special-made hardware, but we did it on Cloud for the first time.
    This talk will discuss the nature of the calculation, the architecture, challenges and techniques, and of course
    the brief history of Pi computation. Calculating Pi has been the speaker's childhood dream and this
    talk will also explain how the small dream grew to the new world record.

    Speaker : Emma Haruka Iwao
    11:20 am - 11:45 am Morning Tea Break

    We'll take a short break to consume some more coffee and snacks. And maybe play some Mario Kart.

    11:50 am - 12:20 pm Session 3 - The Data Warehouse vs BigQuery

    Jemma Stones, Director at Deloitte, Analytics & Cognitive

    As Google's "Data Warehouse" solution, BigQuery is often positioned to replace the traditional
    on-premise data warehouse with the promise of massive performance improvements.
    Migrating a data warehouse to BigQuery requires more than just redirecting your data ingestion pipeline.
    There are many new concepts to deal with which impact architecture, data modelling and access patterns
    among other considerations. This talk will overlay the traditional approach to designing & building
    data warehouses with considerations for BigQuery to ensure a considered approach to
    migrating data warehouses to GCP.

    Speaker : Jemma Stones
    12:30 pm - 1:10 pm Session 4 - Dog versus Bin: Tensorflow Lite applied

    Vaughn Muirhead, GCP Practice Lead at intelia

    Vaughn Muirhead is a mild mannered Cloud Architect by day but on evenings and weekends
    he becomes a mild mannered developer and inventor, building cool things and learning about emerging
    technologies along the way. He will be talking about a unique application of deep learning
    at the edge involving dogs and rubbish bins.

    Speaker : Vaughn Muirhead
    1:10 pm - 2:10 pm Lunch

    Lunch will be provided in the form of tasty, nutritious Goldilocks lunchboxes.

    2:10 pm - 2:30 pm Session 5 - Secrets management on GCP using Hashicorp Vault

    Rad Kanapathipillai, Senior DevSecOps Consultant at Shelde

    Secure, store, and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys,
    and other secrets in modern computing using HashiCorp Vault.

    Speaker : Rad Kanapathipillai
    2:40 pm - 3:10 pm Session 6 - Lets secure the Future of Features

    Harmeet Sokhi, Senior Consultant - Data Engineer at ThoughtWorks

    Data is the most complex and hard part of machine learning and data scientists spend
    a lot of time selecting and transforming features for training their machine learning models.
    Ad hoc feature engineering creates a pipeline jungle which can be easily avoided by using the Feature Stores.
    This session explains what features are, why they are vital in data strategy and how we can store features
    in an extremely curated way so that usage of features can be standardized across the organization.
    This not only makes you ready for the future but also makes features reusable. This talk will be
    mostly focused on feature store architecture and criticality, but as this is a Google devfest,
    I will also introduce Feast (Googles's feature store)

    Speaker : Harmeet Sokhi
    3:10 pm - 3:40 pm Afternoon Tea Break

    I guess you've had your fill of coffee by this point, but we'll take a break anyways.

    3:45 pm - 4:15 pm Session 7 - Serverless GCE

    Binura Gunasekara, Senior Software Engineer at Platformer

    Title sounds bit crazy however the idea is to provide a solution for smaller customers with limited IT staff the ability to start an application on a GCE VM without having to call their IT staff. The benefits such minimal maintenance work as well as cost savings are considered in implementing the solution.

    Speaker : Binura Gunasekara
    4:15 pm - 4:30 pm Closing Talk and Door Prizes

    We'll bring the day to a close and give away some awesome door prizes!

    4:45 pm onwards Unwind at Harlow bar

    We will head over to the Harlow pub to have a couple of drinks, play some pool
    and continue our cloudy conversations. Feel free to join us!


All ticket sales will be donated to charity


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